Three Things About Daisy Blue

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Daisy Blue is not happy. She doesn’t want to go to Bali. And she doesn’t want to keep a diary of her trip. And she doesn’t want to hang out with Paulina Gifford. She does want to be a size zero and famous.
Paulina Gifford is very studious. She is excited about the Bali trip and is keen to use her journal solely for recording her historical and cultural investigations. She thinks Daisy Blue is some kind of alien species.
But Bali surprises them both – and soon they are in danger of falling in ‘like’ with each other. Is it possible that the fashionista and the earnest nerd might find something in common?

NEW! The Real Daisy Blue – After years of being buried in a box, you can now read Kate’s real diary from her trip to Indonesia as a teenager!!!


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4 thoughts on “Three Things About Daisy Blue

  1. Hi Kate,
    I have been to Bali 5 times,
    You see my father is Indonesian so we go quite often.
    Bali is beautiful isn’t it! can’t wait ’till i can get the book!!!!!!!!!!


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