Juno Jones is out now!

juno out now

Tomorrow is today!

I am so excited to finally be able to share Juno Jones with the world. I feel like this day has taken an age to come, and has also sneaked up on me and scared the life out of me.

I am so grateful to Rowena and the team at Yellow Brick Books for publishing my first foray into Books My Kid Can Read Now – and for all their help, support, wisdom and excitement throughout this process. Enormous thanks, especially, to Georgina and Angela, who have provided me with so much time, patience and amazing enthusiasm.

My infinite gratitude, also, to the miraculous Sandy Flett, who took my words and made them into a real, actual thing. I will never be able to express how much it means to me, and I’ll never quite be able to comprehend exactly how she managed to see inside my brain and pull my characters directly from there – while simultaneously making them her own.

It’s all just one big mind-blowing pile of happy.

Anyway, if you see Juno out in the wild, consider giving her a look. She’s an attention-seeker. She’ll like it. Also, there are yaks.