I Could Write A Blog …


Whenever I think about blogs and blogging, I remember the quote from “Julie and Julia”.


I could write a blog.

I have thoughts.

For a while there, in the 2000s and early 2010s, it felt like *everybody* had a blog. And thoughts. So. Many. Thoughts.

I even gave it a go, myself. A few times.

Because I’m a writer and *I have thoughts*. Thoughts about all sorts of things, from books to politics; from which is the best Josh Ritter song (answer: all of them, but in particular Monster Ballads), to which is the worst Megadeth song (answer: all of them. No, that’s it. Just all of them); from feminism to which gluten-free bread tastes the most like actual bread.

All the thoughts.

And yet …

And yet, when it came to putting those thoughts into blogs, I came up short, always. Whether it was impostor syndrome (“Nobody cares about your thoughts, Kate”), or the fact that, well, I’d just rather be writing my books, I just couldn’t seem to make blogging stick.

And so I quit. Not long after my daughter was born and my time-deprivation was only second to my sleep-deprivation. I just … couldn’t be arsed any more.

And, to be honest, I still can’t. Because there are enough people who can and who love it and who will do it a million times better than I ever will.

BUT I have been wanting, for a while, to find a way to help promote my fellow writers. In particular, lady writers (trans lady writers of course and always included – which should go without saying but, you know, this is the time we live in) and gender non-binary writers. Something more than just retweeting or sharing.

So … here’s my thought.

It’s a good thought, I think.

I’m going to make this space (which, to be honest, I’m not even going to call a blog. It’s just a space where there are thoughts that will mostly not be mine) a place for other people, with interesting thoughts to share.

I’m going to start off by interviewing a bunch of my friends at Wombat Books, and another bunch in the brilliant Ladybirds group. They are all incredible writers, working in a multitude of genres and media and you will love their thoughts.

I’m going to post the first one later this week. And I’m going to keep posting for as long as people want to give me the gift of their thoughts.

It’s not a blog.

It’s not my thoughts.

But I hope this will be a good place.

If you’d like to be involved and you are a lady writer or a non-binary writer, please get in touch with me at kate[at]kategordon[dot]com[dot]au.