So. In the manner of Highlander (thanks, Tiger’s Daddy, for introducing me to that monstrosity of a movie), there can be only one.

One more book in my year of reading Aussie YA, that is.

The rest of the year is looking pretty full-on, work-wise, and I really want to get through the new Robert Galbraith (Oh, Cormoran. Swoons), and the new Magda Szubanski autobiography (Oh, Magda. Swoons), plus a couple more on my non-YA TBR shelf, so I’m scheduling in just one more stop and …

I want you to pick it. Please. What is your very, very, very favourite and best of this year’s YA haul?

I need you to tell me! I need to make the last one as wonderful as all the others. Because Aussie YA rocks. And you all rock.

And also, I’m too FRANTIC DOING ALL OF THE THINGS to research.

So please. Halp.