Green with Envy*


Lili Wilkinson is the writer I wish I was.

There. Said. Phew**

And this is a book I would have loved to have written. It’s a coming-of-age with major social conscience, green issues, superhero aliases and … QUIRK.

I know it’s not really fashionable to love quirk. It’s definitely not fashionable to use the word in a review***

But I am an unashamed fan of quirky. Also, different, strange, eccentric, unique. And *whispers* “cute”.

This book is super cute. It might well be the cutest book ever ****

But the fact that it is cute and quirky should not distract from its epic awesomeness. There is a tendency in the book world to see bleak and tragic as “worthy” and sweet and happy as “shallow” and “disposable”. This book is sweet, but it has serious depth and backs up my mantra that it is really hard to make a book that’s easy to read. I know how much work this seemingly light book must have been. But … I don’t feel it when I’m reading it. That’s the skill. Writing it is hard. Reading it is effortless. I felt like Lili Wilkinson was carrying me along as I read it *****

And, as I read it during a particularly busy and stressful time, in amongst illnesses of Big and Small People alike, I really valued being carried. The book was like a big, warm hug ******

Also, it had footnotes. Much better ones than mine. And ones that properly used the teensy number thingies that I can’t work out how to make here.

I love me a footnote.

Maybe it’s because I was at uni for a million years so they feel nostalgic. Or maybe, in this case, because they can be so darn funny.

And quirky.

This book = quirky. I loved it. I wish I wrote it. I wish I was Lili Wilkinson *******

Next stop? Newcastle and Trinity Doyle’s Pieces of Sky. I can’t wait ********

* Not really. But a little bit.

** But not really “phew” because, seriously, who says that?? How embarrassing are you? Now Lili will think you are WEIRD.

*** It’s up there with “feisty” when describing a female protagonist. BTW, the protag in this book is totes feisty.

**** Disclaimer: I am Lili’s Facebook friend. I have seen photos of her Small Person. Lili produces cute prodigiously.

***** Now she will SERIOUSLY think you are weird. “Carrying you along”? WHat are you going to say next? That the book was “like a big, warm hug”?

****** I can’t even.

******* Officially stopping before restraining orders are taken out.

******** Literally. I’m actually starting now. All righty. Nuff with the foot notes. Bye, y’all!

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