Stay With Me

Usually, I try to think of something witty and entertaining to say when talking about these books. Sometimes I use puns. Occasionally I mention The Backstreet boys.

I deliberate over combinations of words. I try and sound clever.

You can’t do any of that when you’re broken.

This book broke me. This book shattered and destroyed me. This book had my heart in a vice and my every nerve ending exposed and raw.

It’s beautiful. It’s challenging. It’s hard and tender and magic and real and explosive and still and I loved it, I loved it, I loved it.

Nellie was just like my Tiger. And Tess (yes, the main character’s name is Tess, which didn’t make the reading any easier), could have been me. Could have been any of us. And that’s what makes this book just so damn powerful. This could have been the story of any single one of us. Which is why it’s terrifying. Which is why it should be read; demands to be read.

Read it.

I have no more words than that.

And I’m now going to rebuild myself by reading the Grimstones. Which is probably not strictly YA and takes me back, yet again, to Melbourne. So I’m breaking the rules. But I’m a bit too broken to care about rules. So off I go …

Stay With Me is by Maureen McCarthy (AKA God of YA literature). It is published by the Onions.