Happy BIrthday Helen

The title of this blog might not make any sense to anyone who didn’t live the nineties, but for those of you who did …

Well, it still might not make any sense.

But the thing is, whenever I think of Melbourne, I think of one of two songs, the first being Paul Kelly’s From St Kilda to King’s Cross. The second one is Happy Birthday, Helen, by Things of Stone and Wood (whatever happened to them?).

“Let’s not forget last night
Yeah, how we drove along the Yarra …”

Stuck in your head yet? That’s okay. Just sing Never Gonna Give You Up until it goes away. Hee hee.


My point (and I do have one), is that I’m back in Melbourne.

Because Tassie, you failed me. I received not one single suggestion about a good recent Tassie YA read and I consoled myself by reading Josephine Moon’s The Chocolate Promise, which was set in Tassie, and that was fun and all, but it was not YA. Or written by a Tasmanian.

SO. I’m back in Melbourne. Because if I wasn’t so besotted with my island home, I’d move there in a heartbeat. It’s the second coolest city on Earth (after Hobes). Also, because NICOLE FLUFFING HAYES. Who is totes awesomesauce and wrote this novel AND GOES FOR THE HAWKS SO EXTRA AWESOME POINTS.

Oh, by the way, the book is called One True Thing. And if it’s even half as good as Hayes’ last novel, it will be super, super, super brilliantly super.

Much. Excite.

Anyhoo, I’ll report back after I’ve sailed down the slightly brownish waters of the Yarra.

“You are the tunes in my head, the fire in my ribs
You are the voice in my heart that whispers compassion
Happy birthday Helen
Oh-oh…, oh-oh…, oh-oh…”