On the road again …



Gone Girl is back!

Just a short update to let y’all know that, having dipped my toe in the (very murky) waters of a the Mississippi with Gone Girl (which was, for the most part, pretty good but also OMIGOD DISTURBING YUCK GET OUT OF MY HEAD NOW PLEASE THANK YOU), I am back on the horse, trotting around OZ on my YA blog tour.

Next stop? As promised, Siddernee! I’m about to start reading (and I think it’s a very apt title, after my little holiday), The Pause, by John Larkin, who is a writer I LOVE. So the looking-forward-ometer is in the very high range.

Also, by super coincidence, I have been alerted to the fact that it is John’s birthday today. Happy birthday, John! Off to read your book now! Hurrah!

Bye for now …

One thought on “On the road again …

  1. Thank you, Kate. I hope you have had (continue to have) a great time on your travels. I also hope that you enjoy The Pause.



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