Book Yabbies (Stay with me on this one) …


This year, I have a plan.

This never happens.

It’s not a New Year’s Resolution, really – because those never NEVER happen for me. It’s more of a fun thing. Fun things, I can do.

And it involves reading. That, I can TOTALLY do.

Last year, most of my top twenty books were by Australian writers, and it made me hungry for more. And, since I’m always hungry for more great YA, I decided to combine the two … hungers and feed myself a literary smorgasbord of Aussie YA.

Have I laboured the metaphor enough?

Nah. Too much metaphor is never enough. So 2015 is going to be my bookish yabby (because who in Australia actually eats shrimp???), on the barbie.

I’m going to read as many Aussie YAs as I can get my hands on – at least one for every state and territory in Australia.

I’m starting in WA, because it’s about as far removed from Hobart as you can possibly get, because some of my favourite music comes from there and so I’m reasoning the books should be good too, and because I’d love to go there, one day.

Oh, and also because the book I’ve chosen is getting amazing reviews.

The author is Dianne Touchell. The book is A Small Madness, published by Allen and Unwin. Let the adventure begin!