Terrible Titles Blog Hop


I was totally stoked to be tagged by the brilliantly talented Rebecca James to write a post in the Terrible Titles Blog Hop. The job is to find “eight terrible titles from my work in progress by scrolling randomly through my manuscript and letting my cursor stop where it will.”

My current WIP is a bit of a departure for me, insofar as it’s not YA. But I’ve been writing quite a bit of non-YA lately, so it’s starting to feel like a new kind of home. It’s actually the second in a little series I’ve been noodling with, and has the incredibly creative title at present of “Dear Secret Sister 2”. So maybe one of these would actually be better. Judge for yourself!

 Here goes …

Places to be. Footballs to kick.

Wearing skin-coloured leotards and looking really sad.

I’m getting distracted again, aren’t I?

He draws trucks. He smells funny. And I am ten.

The mission controller will be mad

Harry was a person and not a mountain

Because it’s magic

You’re kind of like a story

Whaddaya thunk? Are any of those even slightly not-terrible? Ah well. I had fun doing it!