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The absolutely delightful and precious and super-talented Nansi Kunze tagged me to do a blog hop post (after she was tagged herself by the awesome Ellie Marney. The whole thing was started by Sandi Wallace – clever clogs). This was my exact response when she asked me:

Yep! Sounds fine. Well, I say that now. Everything sounds fine when you don’t have to do it for a couple of weeks!

And this was the email I sent to Nansi yesterday:

Oh, shite. I totally forgot about this. Will do tomorrow. Bad me.
Kate x

Nansi was lovely, because Nansi is lovely, but now I feel bad and also compelled to do it ALL OF THE NOW.

So here it is: Sorry, Nansi. Sorry, Ellie. Blame Christmas. Blame Tiger. Blame the boogie and the rain and George Ezra and John Newman and … oh, shut up, Katie, and post.

1/ What is your character’s name?

Clementine Darcy.

2/ Is your character fictional or historical?

She would argue she’s historical (specifically, Victorian-era), and she definitely feels real to me, but, in the interests of actual accuracy … she’s fiction.

3/ When and where is your story set?

Writing Clementine is set on the North West coast of Tasmania, in Burnie and Wynyard.

4/ What should we know about Clementine?

Clementine goes to high school in Burnie, a small, coastal city in the North-West of Tassie. She comes from a close-knit family, but her older siblings are in trouble, and Clementine doesn’t know how to help them. Sophie is struggling at university, and Fergus is struggling with Depression and all Clementine wants is for both of them to be better and for their family to feel whole again. Clementine has two best friends – Cleo and Chelsea-Grace – and she’s having issues with them, too. They suddenly seem so different from her – becoming obsessed with clothes and boys and their bodies. She doesn’t feel like she fits in anywhere any more. That is, until Fred arrives, wearing his top hat and knickerbockers!

5/ What are Rachel’s personal goals?

To fix her family and her friendships and to avoid a certain creep of a boy! To work out what on Earth Mr Hiller is trying to get at with these stupid journals. And to figure out what kind of fish she actually is.

6/ What’s the name of the book, and can we read more about it?

Writing Clementine. There’s more info here.

7/ When was it published?

July of this year (or last year, if you’re reading this tomorrow). It’s, like, so 2014!

So that’s it, Nansi and other lovely people. And that’s my blog for this year. My New Year’s resolution is to be on it more frequently. My other New Year’s resolution is to stop being so stressed about everything. Let’s see how those two goals go together.

Big holiday hugs to you all. Here’s to a 2015 that’s a lot sunnier than this wally of a year has been.

Be gentle to yourselves and to everyone.

Katie xxx

PS Next up on the blog hop, we’ll meet the uber-incredible Tristan Bancks.

You’ll like him. He’s lovely.

Oh, and just because it’s New Year’s Eve, and I’m feeling all rebellious and the like, I’ve tagged a few more awesome people, because they brighten my world and I’d love for them to brighten yours, too. Go forth and brighten, Christina Booth, Sheryl Gwyther, Sandy Fussell, Lisa Heidke, Nick Earls, Sue Lawson and Sally Odgers. You’ll like them. They’re lovely.

Oh, and apparently you have a week to do it but, eh, it’s the New Year. Take your sweet time xxx


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