Smiling and smitten.


Today was *ever*-so-slightly less than epically, ridiculously awesome.

So it was with much happy-dancing that, upon returning home from adventures, I received this completely unexpected and ferociously sweet present in the mail.

My friend Meg has always been super-talented and wonderful. I’ve known her since she was a wee, Hanson-adoring ten-year-old, who also dabbled in the odd spot of Spice Girls Dancing and Adoration. She also tagged along with her big sister (Rache) and her friends (featuring me as Posh Spice), into many of our other forays in the worlds of pop music, excessive body glitter and rad teen life in general.

Meg tags along no more. Not only is she carrying on the family tradition of being a brilliant teacher of tiny people, she’s started her own business as well.

I’ve already been the recipient of a Tiger necklace and earrings, a pair of Hawthorn Hawks earrings (don’t judge), and a glittery pair of Tiger earrings, too, because you can never have enough pairs of Tiger earrings.

And today, because she’s awesome, I got this amazing Writing Clementine necklace.

Thank you, Meggles. You’ve always been my favourite mini-Spice. I’m so proud of the big, clever, creative person you’ve become.

You can find Meg’s beautiful jewellery here, and I’m spending tomorrow leaving some of her cards around Hobart, so if you know where us Gordon girls hang, you’ll probably be able to find the info there, too!

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  1. Nawww Kate you’re gorgeous- thankyou! So glad you loved it. What an awesome book!! I laughed out loud every time I recognized a name or place. You’re an incredible author xxxxxxx


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