Three Things About Katie G


I’ve been seeing it around, in the social media, this “Three Things I Like About Me” meme. I don’t know where I saw it first. I don’t know who started it. If anyone else has any idea, I’d love it if you let me know.

Previous posts have revealed my love of lists. I’ll list anything: books, movies, music, flavours of Freddo Frog, best Josh Ritter tee shirts owned by me, ranked one to … Okay I have too many Josh Ritter tee shirts.

This list is harder. Because this list talks about good stuff about me.

As a society, we’re told we’re not meant to do this.

As women, we’re told we’re not meant to do this.

It’s completely fine and acceptable and wonderful to tell everybody else how awesome they are, but that person you see in the mirror? If you tell them they’re okay?

Arrogant. Conceited. Tall. Poppy. Must. Be. Cut. Down.

I’ve never liked her, the girl in the mirror. I’ve never much liked the girl inside that skin, either. Whether it’s innate or society telling me I should never tell myself I’m okay … Who knows.

But I write books that tell girls they’re awesome. I have a small person living with me who I want to have the self esteem of Beyonce on a really, especially confident day. I want her to glow with self-love.

So, for her, and for Clementine and Daisy Blue, I’ll give this a try:

Three Things I Like About Me:

1) My dimple. It’s on my left cheek. My Lil Bro has one on his right. My dad has two. We got one each. It’s a special thing.

2) My love for my daughter. I was never maternal in the slightest, before Tiger, and I worried while I was pregnant that, when she emerged, I’d feel nothing for her. I worried I wouldn’t be capable of loving her. I prove myself so, so wrong, every day. She’s my little, walking heart. I adore her.

3) My resilience. Stuff has happened in my life that has sucked. I’ve come out the other side of it, a little bit more bent and wonky and crumpled and moth-eaten and dog-eared, but I did it. There are holes in my soul that will never be stitched up, and I find it a bit more difficult to cope with small upsets than I used to, but I’ve made it this far and I’m still a pretty nice person, so that’s something to be proud of.

So there. That’s it. Three things, and they’re big things and they make me happy.

What about you, now? What are three things you like about you?

4 thoughts on “Three Things About Katie G

  1. Those are very, very good things to like about yourself. I like (and hate!) that I’m so resilient. I get knocked down so many times and and I get back up again. I like that I can make people laugh. I like that I always try to be kind and I hope to raise my kids to do the same.


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