Daily Archives: September 10, 2014

A better blogger than I


I don’t blog much these days.

I’m busy writing the new book, and I’m busier, for the time being, sitting on a grants panel. I have a hundred applications to read, from people whose talent and drive deserves close reading of their submissions.

I also have adventures to have, with my walking heart, Tiger.

But there is a better blogger than I, anyway, and one who does write regularly.

I always knew my dad could write – after all, it was a short story penned by him that inspired my daughter’s name.

However, in his retirement from being one of the most dedicated teachers my hometown ever saw, he’s devoted his time to his craft. And my word he can do it well.

He takes pictures, too, and they’re the bee’s knees.

So if you’re ever after a lovely blog post to read, on a sunny afternoon, head on over to his neck of the woods.

He’ll be embarrassed that I’m writing this. But that’s what daughters are for, isn’t it?

My dad’s blog: http://www.stevelovell.id.au/