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Even before I joined the world of books – first as a librarian, then a bookseller and now a writer-and-mummy-of-peron-who-loves-reading – I’ve been a CBCA awards tragic. For me, awards day has always ranked pretty high on my list of Favourite Ever Days, only missing out to Christmas because there are no carols (I’m a carols tragic, too – I know, deeply uncool), no hugs with my Nan and no singing along with my dad to The Pogues. Now Tiger is in the world, her birthday maybe just pips the CBCA Awards at the post. But only just.

I love a good list. I love books. I love Special Days. Therefore CBCA Awards Day = Heavenly Awesome.

Some years, of course, I have Iss-ues. But that just makes things more fun.

This year, though?

No. Issues. At. All.

Oh, there was one super cool picture book about whales that shoulda been a contender, but I made peace with that back in April.



Happy because my favourite book for younger readers is an Honour Book – yay, Mr J!

Happy because my second favourite book for older readers won – yay, Miss W (and my favourite? Well, I’m not telling. But his surname starts with K and ends in Fostglakis. But apart from that I’m giving ya nothin’).

HAPPIEST because my favourite picture book Of All Time, and Tiger’s too … WON!!!

Tiger was thrilled. She doesn’t quite know what it means and was slightly perturbed by my squealing, but she is thrilled.


A thousand yays. So much happy. So much fuzz and hurrah for Book Week. Hurrah for books. Hurrah for reading.

Just. Yay.