Aint it funny …


The strangest, loveliest thing has happened.

I’ve been so unwell lately: first gastro, then a nasty cold, ear infection, sinusitis, ALL OF THE YUCKY THINGS. Blah blah, poor me, but oh holy moley it sucks sometimes, having a weakened immune system (especially with a Small Person around because, you know, ALL OF THE BUGS).

But this isn’t a post about sickness. It’s a post about wellness. Because, as I gradually make my way back to normal, I’m finding it’s a new kind of normal. A peaceful one. I’ve been so miserably ill for so long, feeling almost okay feels … magical.

I’m smiling more, laughing more, dancing more, and my back is more duck-like, slings are arrows more water-like.

It might last a day, a week, a month, but right now things seems pretty golden, most of the time.

And then I get a tiger cuddle, or she learns how to say “discombobulated”, or I read her The Pain and the Great One for the very first time, and I feel like I really might burst from the happy.

I like this new normal. I want it to stay.

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