Launch Day


Tomorrow is launch day for Clementine. And, of course, I am terrified.

And, of course, I feel unworthy.

And, of course, I feel like there are so many other, better, people, who deserve these blessings more than I do.

The only thing I keep telling myself is that I held on, and I tried, and I believed, and that is a thing to be proud of.

And, also, that tomorrow isn’t about me. It’s about Elise and Jodie and the Onions. It’s about my dear brother. It’s about Mr Hiller and my friends who inspired the story. And it’s about hugging the people who will come along to smile with me.

And there will be biscuits and colouring and Tiger will be wearing her wings and she will think the whole thing is a bit crazy, but I hope one day she remembers pieces of it and feels glad that her mummy held on.

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