Welcoming Clementine!


It’s Clementine’s book birthday!

Owing to it being something of an … interesting* day, I’m a bit late to this party. But that’s kind of okay, because it doesn’t feel even a little bit as if this is *my* party. I have so many people to thank for helping bring Clemetine Darcy into the world, and they each deserve an enormous slice of the cake.

My biggest ever gratitude goes to:

The marvellous Onions – Clementine’s insanely talented editors, Jodie and Elise; beautiful, beautiful Children’s Publisher, Erica Wagner, wonderful Children’s Rights Director, Angela Namoi and the queen of all publicists, Lara Wallace.

My two phenomenal agents, Nanette Halliday and Brian Cook.

My writing mates, Nansi Kunze, Ben Chandler, Sarah Brabazon, Christina Booth, Cameron Hindrum, Katy Hulme, Shirley Patton and Tansy Rayner Roberts.

My book industry friends, Cat Schulz, Clive Tilsley, Grace Beyer Platt, Ben Walter, Adam Ouston, Rachel Edwards, Jo Cleveland, Richard Sprent, Nella PIckup.

My friends who have supported me so darn hard – Rachel Johnson, Chelsey Cooper, Jess Solloway, Melissa Eaves, Shelley Carpenter, Roz Crowden, Ang Jones, Tehani Croft Wessely, Julia Chapman, Jacinta Verbeeten, Sarah Pattichis, Emma Kate, Amy Smyth, Kendan Lovell, Jacqui Gregg, Britta Hartmann, Sarah Wells, Kristy Moore …

And all those other people who support me via social media. I am blessed to have so many of you.

The English teachers who taught me how to do this thing: Amanda Muruste, Sharon Bell, Steve van Ommen and the magnificent Greg Wilson.

The brilliant Eric Hiller.

Of course, finally, most importantly, my family: Dad, Mum, Leigh K, Laurel, Craig, Neil, Alex, Ilsa, Alex 2, Nan Alwyn, Keith, Tiger’s Daddy Leigh, Richard, Shan and, finally, finally, finally* and most magically of all,

Tiger. Because she is everything.

And now, because this is sounding like an Oscars speech and that’s not what I want it to sound like at all, I’ll be quiet now, and hope you will find yourself a copy of Clementine, and let her words do the rest of the talking.

* blerkity.

* I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten at least 796 people.