Why I Write


I heart* social media.

There, I said it.

I am a self-confessed techno-cretin. I was described once by a co-worker as a “technology witch”, because every electronic device I touch soon after dies a mysterious and gruesome death.

Computers are not my friend.

But I love Twitter. I love Facebook. And why?

Because Tamora Pierce. Because Nick Earls. Because Steven Herrick. Because Ann M Martin.

Because Neil Gaiman.

Because how the heck else would I get to communicate with these heroes of mine (other than sending dodgy, simpering fan letters – which, yes, I have done), on a regular basis?

How else would i have tweeting conversations with authors while reading their books (“THAT THING THAT HAPPENED ON PAGE NINETY-SIX! YOU DID NOT WARN ME!!!”)?

How else would I learn so much, so often, from such a rich, talented, generous hive-mind of beautiful writer peeps?

How else would I have “met” the wonderful Lisa Heidke?

I am a ridiculously large fan of Miss Heidke’s books. In the pre-Facebook era I would have remained an anonymous, devoted reader. These days, we’re “friends”. It’s cool.

And she asked me to do this “why I write” thing. She asked me.

As if I wouldn’t do anything Lisa Heidke asked me to do!

Here ya go, Lisa. Stay being awesome. And thank you, Facebook, for allowing me to “like” your awesomeness on a daily basis.

Why do I write?

Partly because of what Neil Gaiman said. Partly because I don’t know how to grow up.

And partly because, without it, all the stuff in my head would just get too big and too noisy and too tangled and I think I might just burst with the chaos of it all. Isn’t that why anyone writes?

Well, maybe not Nicholas Sparks. He does it for the art 🙂

What am I working on?

Well, I’m calling it “Untitled Rural Romance”, and it was meant to be a pretty straightforward love story, with horses, but I’ve gone and made it all complicated and added death and reincarnated grandfathers and precocious toddlers and yarn-bombing. Because I couldn’t just make things easy for myself, could I?

How does my writing differ to others of its genre?

Heavens. It doesn’t, really, does it? It’s all about fear and love and the strangeness of life. It’s just about me working out how to understand the world. Same as all writing. It’s all just about trying to unravel this strange planet we live on. Added to that, I don’t think I have a “genre”. I have a market, I guess, in that I write for teenagers, but that’s not the same as a genre. I just write stories. They do their own thing.

How does my writing process work?

Erratically, eccentrically, religiously; with extreme discipline and very little accuracy or finesse.

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You can’t say I haven’t provided you with some variety right there! Enjoy them!

* Written with all the irony of a thirty-two year-old lifelong dag using “heart” as a verb.

2 thoughts on “Why I Write

  1. Hi Kate,
    I love your statement, I write because otherwise “all the stuff in my head would just get too big and too noisy and too tangled and I think I might just burst with the chaos of it all. Isn’t that why anyone writes?”
    So true!
    It’s the voices that keep me going…
    Maybe I am insane but if the voices keep talking, I’ll keep listening and writing.


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