Tiger’s first crush


Tiger is in love with Jamie Oliver.

Right now, she is eating dinner. She is eating Jamie Oliver fish. And she will only do it if “Jamie” watches her.

“Jamie” being one of the stickers in her Jamie Oliver sticker album.

She has the greenhouse, too, and is growing chives and cress. She has a watering can (mostly used in the bath), and a tin for her (many) spare stickers. And a fork and trowel for the garden. And her first, tiny, intense crush.

I was never going to have a child who had obsessions like this; who collected supermarket stickers, for supermarket albums. But she didn’t really stand much of a chance with this one. I’ve been a bit in love with Jamie, myself, for more than half my life. Plus, Tiger has her Uncle’s genes, and her Grandfather’s. They’re both collectors. Tiger has that fanatical spirit in her. She needs the full set. And it’s fun, and it’s about vegetables and stuff, and it’s something we can do together – a little reward for having naps and sitting on her tortoise (potty), for a while.

And, as far as first crushes go … Well, it could be Justin Bieber.

And she’s eating fish. And veggies. And, apparently, Jamie is saying, “Yay, Tiger! Good girl, Tiger!” as she does it.

Oh, and now, he’s throwing her peas to her.

Don’t even ask.


One thought on “Tiger’s first crush

  1. Best blog ever, Kate. I laughed a lot. And remembered Uncle Richard collecting EVERY Goosebump book and EVERY Snoopy from McDonalds! Oh, and Tiger’s Grandma has a Jamie crush too. 🙂


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