I’m really late to this party. But then, I’m late to most things, these days. Because it takes a bit longer to walk places, with a toddler who wants to stop and look at butterflies (and, okay, I may be a mum who wants to do the same).

So you’ve probably all already heard it.

But this.



Not enough stuff, these days, is just happy, for the sake of it. So much of everything is bleak and grey and bitter and mean, because that is what’s edgy and cool and that is what sells. If you’re happy and sparkly and joyful, you’re twee and uncool and the sort of thing that doesn’t win awards and is only read or consumed in secret.

I write because I want to make people happy. That’s it. I doubt I’ll ever write anything cool, if cool means nasty or miserable. I’m okay with that. And the fact that Pharrell seems to currently be winning the world means some few other people might agree.

Even if they only agree in secret, with their headphones in, and pretending they’re listening to something hipster and emo.

I wish I liked Pharrell before everyone liked Pharrell, so I could be at least a bit cool*

*No. I don’t. I just like it because it makes me happy.