Printing Clementine


This is a very small note, hastily scribbled in the small grey moments unblessed with Tigerish adventurings to tell you that …


A certain, small, edible-looking novel has just made its way to the printers.

Oh yes. Gah and yes. The phenomenal Elise at the House of Onion has confirmed it.

Writing Clementine is soon to be An Actual Thing.



squirrel happy
Squirrel Happy Dance

I am happy. Nervous. Afeared. But happy. And so grateful.

So, this too:


A big squirrel kiss on the nose to everyone who helped make Clem get this far. I’ll thank you again, a million times, between now and when she makes her tentative steps into the world, but I wanted to say it here as well. Nanette, Brian, Jodie, Elise, Lana, Julia, Sheralyn, all other Onions … you’re super people. Superest.

And this has turned into a longer note than I planned. Because excitement and gratitude and happy.

So much happy.