Life, in a few dot points …

Adventures ...
Adventures …

Life seems busy right now, in the most lovely of ways. Tiger and I are squeezing in some more adventuring before the weather turns maudlin and I am squeezing in as much writing as I can before the wonderful madness of Writing Clementine becomes … gulp … real.

So, not much time for blogging.

Thanks must go to the lovely Mrs Smyth for this idea – my life in dot points.

Drinking : Too much tea, but in particular the glorious T2 Chai, courtesy of lovely Tiger’s Poppy.
Reading: I’ve just finished Anita Heiss’ newie, Tiddas. It’s lovely. You should all read it. Truly rooly. Also, Where the Wild Things Are about twenty times today. Max’s tea is STILL hot.
Wanting: Not much, really. Maybe the new Dan Sultan album, but I can wait until my birthday.
Looking: at Tiger “helping” her daddy cook omelette for tea.
Playing: trains with Tiger.
Wasting: water this morning, having a slightly long shower to wake myself up. Yes, I do feel guilty.
Sewing: Um … Sorry, Mrs Smyth, completely un-domestic goddess at this end of the blogosphere … The last time I sewed … I can’t remember the last time I sewed. But I did cover a cardboard box in wrapping paper to put Tiger’s trains in. Does that count even a little bit?
Wishing: Summer wasn’t over.
Enjoying: the new Spicks and Specks. Go, Josh Earl. Go, you Hellyer College GOOD THING!
Waiting: for Tiger’s second birthday. Bit excited.
Liking: North Hobart. The best suburb in the best city on the best island in the world.
Wondering: if the queen could sack Tony Abbott? She can do that, right?
Loving: my girl. My girl. My girl. She has my whole heart, that small wonderful darling thing.
Marvelling: At how many silver cars there are around Hobart (teaching TIger colours). And how few pink ones. There should be more pink cars.
Needing: Sleeeeeep (jinx, Amy).
Smelling: Omelette, tomatoes and sweet potato.
Wearing: embarassing clothes, but clean ones. Which is novel after a day covered in banana, dirt and fairy sparkles 🙂
Following: my girl on her adventures.
Noticing: bumblebees, butterflies and “fairies”.
Knowing: that every day is a new miracle.
Thinking: Breathe in, breathe out, move on (thanks, Jimmy) …
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Feeling: Grateful. For everything.
Bookmarking: Recipes for desserts made from vegetables. Research, would you believe it.
Opening: Kinder Surprises. Our new favourite sneaky treat 🙂
Giggling: at Tiger adding “yeah” to the end of every sentence, like I do. Only she makes it sound like Austin Powers.
Feeling: Glad that Tiger said “three” today, on the way to twelve. Only once, but it’s a start. Of course, the next time she counted it was “one … two … five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve, EIGHT!” but, you know, baby steps …
Thanks again, Mrs S. Back to writing now …