The weather has gone sillypants.


Addendum to yesterday’s post: A man died in the crappy weather yesterday. I’m horrified by this, and that the thought that my flippant post might be seen to diminish the tragedy of this. I’m sorry. I didn’t know and I’m so sad that this happened.

Today, the weather went sillypants.

Tiger’s daddy always says I over-and-misuse the word “literally”.

But today, the weather was LITERALLY SILLYPANTS.

Crazycakes hot this morning, then an extended period of ALL OF THE RAINY, THUNDERING, THOR’S-IN-A-DOOZY-OF-A-MOOD MADNESS, then some coldy coldy colditty cold. Now, it’s bright and blue and lovely-looking outside, but still windy as all-get-out and slightly like a very cheerful apocalypse.

On a serious note: Global warming is real, people. I’m scared what an average weathery day will look like when Tiger is a Big Person.

On another serious note: Trees. Falling. Be careful.

On a less serious note, I am missing my Very Worst Bra. I think it might have flown into the worksite next door in the manner of a Dowdy Undies version of Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. If I pass any of the workmen on Tuesday I am going to have to try very hard not to have a “you saw my dodgiest bra, didn’t you?” expression on my face.

On a brighter note, while half of our garden flew to Swaziland, the two apples we’ve managed to grow on our apple tree are still hanging bravely on. Those apples are my new inspiration for how to Live Life Good.

I’d better go now. I think the shed’s about to lift off. Stay safe, everyone.

One thought on “The weather has gone sillypants.

  1. I got home from a movie and my backyard was TOTALLY TRASHED! Furniture upended, everything OVER and DOWN. Oh and I had left the kitchen window open because it was SO HOT and the entire kitchen was FLOODED oh my goodness! Took me 2 hours to clean up. But my clothes were still on the line though everything was wrapped around 25 times!


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