Clementine is on her way!


This week has been all kinds of reminder-y about how, oh yes, I have a book coming out this year. In the midst of a life revolving around a small Tiger and DUCKS and BOUNCY BALLS and BUBBLES and PARK and NANA! and READ, MUMMY!!!* I have, occasionally, forgotten this fact. But then I do often forget, these days, to brush my hair before leaving the house** and that sales assistants aren’t my toddler daughter and that, therefore, I should not call them “possum”, so this lapse into amnesia isn’t really all that surprising.

I didn’t have a book out last year. I did have two short stories, which you can purchase here and here, and of which I am indescribably proud. Apart from these, though, 2013 was the Year of the Tiger and I revelled in being a full-time-mum-and-only-occasional-author-person. But this year I do have a book and it’s my favourite book ever out of all my books ever. Ever.  I can pretend it’s not, like parents who pretend they don’t have a favourite child, but Writing Clementine is the book that’s closest to my heart. It’s the book that reminded me why I love to write and reinforced to me that, yes, this is what I want to do with the rest of my life (along with being Tiger’s Mummy, of course, but my little braveheart is so darned independent that she probably won’t need me at all by, oh, next Tuesday).

But still, during days with Tigesy, when I can lose whole mornings looking at flowers and chasing balls and reading Noni the Pony over and over and OVER, I can still forget.

But this week I had an interview with a lovely man at my local paper, and I remembered. I set up a coffee-and-cake date with my gorgeous editors, and I remembered. I learned I will soon see an Actual Cover, and I remembered.

It’s coming. I’m Hella Nervous. But I’m also all kinds of the happy and the excited and the proud.

* From Tiger: “I’m saying ‘Read, Mummy’ partly because  love to read, but also because Mummy just said it was tooth-brushing time. This is my most effective distraction technique because I know Mummy will never say ‘no’ when I ask her to read to me. I am ridiculously clever, aren’t I? Thatisall.”

** Not occasionally. Every day.