The Idiot Box


I’ve never been a huge fan of the idiot box. Sure, I laughed along with my family at silly English shows on the ABC (Keeping Up Appearances, One Foot In The Grave), and cried with them at serious English shows on the ABC (Assumpta’s death! Kate’s Death! Hector’s Death! SOB!). Sure, I got a bit obsessed with Ally McBeal and bordering-on-deranged obsessed with Friends. Sure, I was hooked on This Life, addicted to Pride and Prejudice, utterly enthralled by The Secret Life of Us …

Okay, maybe I was a bit of a fan of telly. Back in the day. But since a small Tiger entered my world, the black box in the corner of the room seems much less appealing than it used to. I’d rather read with her, walk with her, play with her, anything with her than turn on the tube. And when she’s sleeping I write, I read, I … okay, I faff about on Facebook a bit too, but mostly I can think of so many things I’d rather be doing in my grey non-Tiger time that watching something I’m not all that enamoured of.

But there were a few shows in 2013 that really captured my attention. And here they are:

1. Offspring

2. Doctor Who

3. Girls

4. Please Like Me

5. The Time of Our Lives

6. Upper Middle Bogan

7. Rev

8. The Last Leg

9. The Agony of Life

10. Next Stop Hollywood

My TV watching time has dwindled to between ten minutes and an hour a day now, so I don’t know if I’ll be able to make this same list next year. I’m still loving Girls and of course I’ll have to make time for Offspring in 2014. Because Offspring. And I already have an enormous crush on Peter Capaldi so there’s no way I won’t be glued to Dr Who again when it starts up. But, for the foreseeable future, until Tiger is old enough to have her own favourite shows and make her own little favourite list (how cute / weird will that be – A PERSON WHO WAS INSIDE ME HAS A FAVOURITE TV SHOW!!!), it’ll have to be a pretty great show to tempt me to the couch.

Josh Earl’s Spicks and Specks? I’m looking at you, Kid. Play nice.

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  1. Good work darling. Hopefully you’ll soon be enjoying a few more quality tele experience as the little mite becomes more independent – with a few being shared with her as well. Loved your last comment


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