The soundtrack to 2013

Gratuitous Josh pic. That smile …

My dad is a hard taskmaster. Today, during a sublime trip to the botanical gardens with my Tiger, her Daddy, her Poppy and another treasured member of our family – Tiger’s Poppy’s magic camera – Tiger’s Poppy hassled me about my blog.

See, as I mentioned in previous blogs, we have this thing where we make end-of-year lists. And this year, while Dad had been studious in posting his to, I’d been a bit slack in holding up my end of the bargain. My books and songs are up already, but the one Dad was hanging out for was my top albums. So, because I am a super-good daughter (and because I fear he’ll withhold his weekly dose of specially-selected newspaper clippings from me if I keep dawdling), here ’tis. Top albums agogo:

1. Josh Ritter – The Beast In Its Tracks. Yes, it’s no surprise. Yes, I adore his little Idahoan cotton socks. But Josh is the bee’s knees, the cat’s pyjamas and the duck’s guts and this is his best ever album so my number one was always going to be a no-brainer.

2. Robbie Williams – Swing Both Ways. Yes, it’s daggy to love him, but I’ve loved him since I was eight years old. I’m never going to stop. And this album makes me smile and my Tiger giggle and for that it’s a winner.

3. Adam Harvey and Troy Cassar Daly – The Great Country Songbook. John Williamson be dashed. Tiges and I love it. Thatisall.

4. Noah and the Whale – Heart of Nowhere. These boys continue to impress me. Some may compare them unfavourably with the more commercially successful Mumford family but I think they’re better.

5. Jake Bugg – Shangri-La. He’s young. He’s awesome. I hope he doesn’t go the way of Mr Bieber because this boy has far more chops and deserves longevity. I will honestly cry if, in a few years, I see this little bloke being carried by his minders along the Great Wall of China. I hope he can overcome the holy mother of a messer-upper that is fame.

6. Busby Marou – Farewell Fitzroy. Listening to this right now. It never gets old. It’s my instant happy-maker.

7. The Cat Empire – Steal The Light. I’ll never stop loving this joy-making lot. It’s an instant party at our house when I put this on.

8. Bob Evans – Familiar Stranger. I have an enduring crush on Mr Mitchell *coughs* Evans, since my closet indie teenager days. Even with a frullet he’s still one of my ultimate pinups, and this album only served to perpetuate my love affair with his distinctive voice.

9. Keith Urban – Fuse. Tiger’s Daddy hates it. I listen to it in secret. Perhaps that makes it sweeter.

10. Justine Clarke – I Like To Sing. Not released this year but in the past few weeks this one has been on constant rotation so it just had to make the list. I love Justine. I love her. Tiger has the biggest crush on her too. I have a feeling she’ll be a constant fixture in this house in years to come and that’s no bad thing.

So, I got there, Poppy. What do you think of my list? I promise the TV shows are coming. I’ve just had trouble scratching together a list of ten in what’s been a largely TV-free year. But I need those clippings (and, okay, hugs from my dad too), so I’d better get on it. Watch this space!

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