The songs of 2013


More listmaking! Hurrah and Tiger’s poppy will be proud!

Below are my top songs of 2013. They’re the songs that made my heart soar or skip a beat; the songs that made me cry; the songs that Tiger and I danced to. They’re the soundtrack to the hardest year of my life, and the most magical one. I’ll always remember 2013 as the year that nearly broke me; the one that changed me; the one that made a new part of my soul grow. I’ll always remember it as the one during which I got to know my small best friend, and to fall deeper in love with her. I’ll always remember it with a soundtrack made up of the following songs:

  1. Go Gentle – Robbie Williams. His song for his own sweet girl. It breaks my heart each time I hear it.
  2. Joy to you, Baby – Josh Ritter. My Josh. What would I do without him? This is from his latest album, which shattered my heart and put it back together again. It’s an album of songs that sound sweet but are full of the sorrow of lost love and the bittersweet joy of finding it again. It’s his best album so far, but the best is, I’m sure, yet to come.
  3. Old Dogs, Children and Watermelon Wine – Adam Harvey (cover). Just makes me smile each time I hear it. Off one of my favourite albums of the year, no matter what John Williamson thinks!
  4. Jake Bugg – There’s A Beast And We All Feed It. I wish he wasn’t so young. He’s too young to be so brilliant and he makes me feel ancient but by gosh I love his music.
  5. The Cat Empire – Brighter Than Gold. Tiger and I danced so many times to this one. We love it.
  6. Noah and the Whale – There Will Come a Time. I really fell in love with this band in 2013. I knew of them before but this is the year I really “got” them and I can’t wait to see what they do next!
  7. Cosmo Jarvis – My Own Thing. I played this to Tiger every time she woke up from her nap. Because it’s what we do. Me and Tiger: doing our own thing since 2012.
  8. Lily Allen – Hard Out Here. Because it’s funny and wicked and nails everything I think about the music industry today right on the head. I love Lily. I love her so bloody much.
  9. Clare Bowditch – Your Love Walks With Me.
    “But at night the gates open and some of my dreams you’re still here
    You are holding my face in your hands and you’re kissing my tears
    And you laugh at my fussing you say there’s no need to be sad
    I was here all along. I am here in this song. I will never leave”Sigh. Oh, Clare. My heart.
  10. Bob Evans – Go. Because Bob. Thatisall.

What were your top songs of 2013?