New years are all about hope. Hope that the next year will be better than the last; hope that there will be brighter days ahead.

Hope, in the words of Josh Ritter, that now “the snow is gone”.

This year, I haven’t made many resolutions. My only aims are to do as Jimmy Buffett does – to “breathe in, breathe out,  move on”-  and to do as Leunig’s curly little dreamer does:

“Let it go. Let it out.

Let it all unravel.

Let it free and it can be

A path on which to travel.”

Life is long and short and infinite and limited only by the bounds of what you can dream. I have a head full of words and a heart full of hope and a small Tiger by my side who is filled to the brim with magic.

2014 is new and shiny now, a little perfect egg cradled in gentle hands. I hope you find, when the cracks in it appear, that the light shines through.