In the words of my darling girl, “uh-oh”.

This is a blog to apologise for the lack of blogginess (again, yes, I know). But you see, apart from festive craziness and various other kooky happenings, there have been gremlins in the internets.

Or perhaps crazed mad genius tiny squirrels on a mission (impossible) to mess with all things technological in the mint green cottage.

It’s hereditary, I think. Tiger’s Daddy and I were out at the Blue Room, Riverside Drive today, looking into the techo-gremlins of Poppy and Nana Leigh-Leigh.  Tiger’s Daddy saved the day out there while Tiger and Poppy and I had adventures on his new carpet (though Tiger preferred the lino because NOISES!!!).

Anyway, while the techy, webby stuff has been a bit hit-and-missish, I’ve reverted to doing what I do best – i.e. actual, non-web-based writerings. I’ve nearly finished my WIP, so hurrah for that and I may be done before Christmas with the horses at Aberdeen. After which hopefully the gremlin squirrels will be banished to other lands and I’ll resume blogging as usual.

In the words of my darling girl, “Yay!”

Mission Impossible Squirrel