Squirrel therapy!


It’s the squirrels that have got me through.

The last few weeks have been a crazy, messy, chaotic ride of strange and new and kooky and fun and bad and weird and sleepy and wow and, throughout all of it, even when things seemed just too vomit-covered and teary to survive, there were the squirrels.

Tiger’s Gran, up North, sent one my way every day, on Facebook and email, and it’s amazing how something as small as that can be enough to make a day bearable. A squirrel, a Tiger smile, a hug here and there from someone who cares … That’s all you need. Just small kindnesses.

If someone you know is going through something a bit screwy right now, do it. Send them love and a squirrel.

For the record, we’re mostly better, and starting to be able to love our life down here again, so definitely not all doom and gloom. In fact, most of it is magical. And then there’s this:


Thank the universe for squirrels, and for the lovely lady who sends them our way.

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