It might not seem like a big deal to you, but …


This month, I wrote 50,000 words. Well, 50,037, to be precise (I couldn’t just stop in the middle of a conversation, could I? That would be downright rude!). And no, it’s not a whole novel – I’ve probably got a good twenty thousand to go before I finish this story. And no, they’re probably not the very best words I could possibly have produced and they will take an awful lot of editing …

And yes, I know there are million billion trillion similar blogs being written out there at this very moment – “I wrote fifty thousand words! Yay me! I won! HURRAH FOR ME!”. I know I’m not a special, super-writer snowflake, but …

I moved house this month. And cities. And into a whole new life. And for the past two weeks my whole Little Family have had horrible colds. And for the past week and a half my poor little sweet Tiger has had a severe ear infection. Ambulances have been called. Much vomit has been produced. Many tears have been shed (and not just Tiger tears). Weight has been lost, we’ve nearly set up camp somewhere between the doctor’s and the chemist’s. Life has gone, in short, super screwy (and yet, strangely, awesome because we are in this new, lovely city and because, as always, Tiger).

Oh, and on top of all of it, Mephy Danger has gone mental and has been waking me every day at three am.

But that’s okay. Because Insanely Early Morning is good writing time.

I’ve managed to hold on to my sanity by a thread, thanks to some very good friends, family, and even a few kind strangers (and – thanks, Gran, an awful lot of squirrels). Little surprises for Tiger have popped through the mailbox from Poppy, bringing smiles to a poor, sick little girl’s face. Little nice words from people we’ve never met before have made me smile, too.

And I kept writing.

And it might not mean much to you, but I made it.

This may well be the most poorly-worded blog post I’ve ever written, because I’ve used all my words and my energy, but in the morning I’ll get up and do it again. Because there’s a little piece of my soul in every word I write.

The rest of it belongs to Tiger.

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