Wishes and dreams


The last week has been a dream. We’re home, and we’re loving it, and every day with Tiger is magic.

There has been much writing happening, of the Nano variety, but not much time for blogging. When I’m not Nano-nano-ing (and getting Robin Williams’ voice stuck in my head every time I say it – anyone else?), I’m having adventures with Tiger.

We went to swimming lessons, to playgroup, to rock and rhyme, to the park and, today, to the Christmas parade. And it was so magic, watching my dear girl seeing fairies and dragons and (much excitement, Gran), HORSES and elves and Santa!!! The word “wow” was said approximately 3,486 times.

Today, she is one and a half, and all I wish for her is that life stays magic, not just for as long as possible but forever. All I hope for her is that she dreams big, always, and laughs every day the way she does now, until she squeals. She is heaven and this life is lovely.

And I probably won’t make 50,000 words but I couldn’t give a dandemouse’s bottom.

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