Blackbird by Kit Hiller

Tomorrow, Tiger goes home, for the first time in her little life.

Tomorrow, we say goodbye to the grey city, and (in Tiger-ese), “hi-eeeee!!!” to our new, magic city down South.

We will be happy there.

Not that there haven’t been small happinesses here. We will miss our “Aunties” – Shirley, Christina, Mel, Julia, Tehani, Jess. We will miss “Uncles” Cameron and Kendan. We will miss Clive and Nella and Gracie at Fullers, and the lovely staff at Cube. We will miss our first best friends, Freer and Norway and Jed. We will miss the monkey park and the Gorge. We will miss Tiger’s favourite gum tree, and the park where she first ran and jumped in puddles.

We will miss the river. We will miss the blackbirds and the starlings in the garden.

But tomorrow we will be home, and the people we love will visit us and we will visit them, and we will have a new river.

And the blackbirds and the starlings might come too, mightn’t they, if Tiger calls them loudly enough?

“Hello, blackbird. Hello, starling. Winter’s over. Be my darling. It’s been a long time coming but now, the snow is gone” – Josh Ritter

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