On the Road Again …


This time in a week, the Little Family will no longer be residents of the Grey City, or the Candy Pink Cottage within it. This time next week, we will be residents of the Mint Green Cottage in our favourite city in the world, Hobart.

When we moved in the opposite direction, Tiger was only a hope and a prayer. Now she is a real, big, smiling, laughing, neigh-ing, dancing marvel of a creature who loves music and books and animals and never gives Daddy a hug without giving Mummy one too.

I hope she loves Hobart. I can’t wait to start our new life down there, with friends and family, and new Little Friends for Tiger to make.

Across the room, Tiger just shouted “hooray”! She may have done it because Daddy just fed her some pasta, but I know she feels the excitement in the air. This time, in a week, we will have a new beginning with our mad, brilliant little Tiger thing.

In the other immortal words of my darling girl, “Yay” and “Wow”!