On fathers


Tiger is very lucky to have many wonderful men in her life. Her own Daddy Bear is the best and most invested father a small Tiger could ever hope for. Her Poppy Steve is my hero, and absolutely dotes on her too, sending her cards and letters and lavishing her with love and tickles whenever he can. Her Granda Craig is a Zen-like presence in her life and I know he’ll be a huge source of wisdom for her as she gets older, as he has been in mine.

She also has three amazing uncles. My brother, Richard, is her special “Uncle Rish”. I see so much of him in her, and they share an enormous sense of fun and easy laugh. She also shares a close connection with her talented Uncle Al, and I sometimes feel they’ve met in another life. Her Uncle Neil delayed his travels to see Tiger safely in the world and I hope they’ll have a lot to do with each other when his journeys bring him home again.

Today, Tiger and I spent time with another amazing father – an immensely talented, creative, funny and truly gentle man I’ve now known for (and I can’t believe I’m saying this), fifteen years. He entertained his two precious girls, and mine, and I loved watching Tiger fascinated by his silliness.

I would honestly be adrift without my father. Tiger adores hers. The small family who we spent time with today are so lucky to have that brilliant man in their world. I will never, ever let anyone say to me that a mother is more important than a father in a child’s life. A lucky family has both, and today I felt so grateful for all the men I know who enrich the lives of their children, grandchildren, and those lucky enough to call them “friend”.