Park Life


If you ever want to renew your love for the world, find a Small Person and take them to a park.

Today was feeling a bit yucky . I was feeling a bit uninspired and disgruntled with the world (apart from the Tigerish bits). But the moment Tiger and I arrived at our local park, all the horrible bits of life floated away on the gentle Spring breeze.

Tiger loves the park. Tiger loves the park so much she squeals and races and rolls and says “hi” to all the trees and spends long moments staring at nondescript sticks. Tiger is fascinated by life. She is the perfect muse for a writer, because she makes you see the world through her eyes. And Tiger’s world is magical.

So, writers, if you’re lacking inspiration, find your closest Small Person and go and enjoy some Park Life. There’s no chance you’ll come home without your imagination alight.