38 Tardies


So, you may have noticed this little old blog has been a bit light-on of late (cute animal pictures excepted). The following is my sworn testimony in defense of my bloggish slackering:

1) We are getting our house packed up ready to move. Apparently moving house is, like, the most stressful thing you can do, ever, followed by …

2) Public speaking. Which I am doing next week and preparing for now. Cripes.

3) Also, editing, which I am also doing, and …

4) Mothering. Which takes at least twenty-five hours a day, all by itself.

5) I have friends, too.

6) And I’ve got a bit skinny from all this mad running around, so I’m scheduling in more chocolate time.

7) Plus, you know, sleep.

8) Hugs with Tiger.

9) Tea.

10) Did I mention we’re moving house?

So, I’m sorry, all youse out there in the internets. I really will try to squoosh in some more blogging from now on, because I have been the blogging equivalent of Travis Birkenstock from Clueless. I have by far the most tardies in the class. I hope you’ll forgive me.

Because … Did I mention we’re moving house?



And tea?

Oh, also, here is some squirrels rubbing noses.


I’ll consider myself forgiven.