Today, my dear dad is off on a trip up to the place he calls “Mangoland”. My dad loves Queensland. There was a time he thought he might do a Graeme Connors and head “a little further North each year” and end up in paradise. He now lives about as far South as you can get and he’s blissfully happy there, but still loves his trips to the tropics. On chilly mornings like this, I wish I could scoop up my tiny Tiger and join him. But, in lieu of that, I wish him the best of trip and console myself by looking at pictures of cute Queensland animals. Here is a baby Eastern Grey kangaroo:


Hope it’s sunshiney where you are today!

2 thoughts on “Mangoland

  1. Mangoland is warm and wonderful this morning as I head off with two beautiful ladies for breakfast by the sea.
    Katie’s Dadxxxxx


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