Tigers at the museum

QVMAG Inveresk
QVMAG Inveresk

Today, I took my small Tiger to the museum.

At the museum, Tiger decided three things:

1) She is not a Small Tiger after all but, in fact, a Big Tiger, who would actually quite like to be a student at the Hagley Farm School, and would set about becoming one by insinuating herself into the visiting school group. As a side issue, there is nothing cuter than thirty ten-year-olds in school uniform being trailed by a sixteen-month-old in floral pants, a glittery jumper and a tiger hat.

2) The Apatosaurus is the coolest of all dinosaurs. Case closed. End of story. The rest only warrant a cursory look. But APATOSAURUS! Oh, her tiny heart. She was in dino-love.

3) Very Big Megafauna Wombat bottoms are HILARIOUS.

In honour of my Tiger, and her delight in wombat bottoms (ancient and present-day), and because we all need more of these in our lives, here is a wombat bottom.

Wombat bum courtesy of http://www.australiazoo.com.au

One thought on “Tigers at the museum

  1. Tessa is quite right. Apatosauruses and wombat bottoms are indeed spectaculaur. Not sure about school excursions. But T’s outfit today was just gorgeous. And she is a curious little tacker!


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