Children’s Book Week

The Coat, by Julie Hunt and Ron Brooks, Allen and Unwin
The Coat, by Julie Hunt and Ron Brooks, Allen and Unwin

It’s Children’s Book Week again! Hurrah!

I absolutely adore this time of year. A whole week to celebrate books for young people?What could be better than that?

In previous years, I have raced across the countryside, visiting schools and spreading the word about the awesomeosity of reading.

This year? I’m spending Book Week at home, with my own small reader. When Tiger was born, I made the conscious decision to take two years off the public side of Book Week. But that doesn’t mean we’re not celebrating in private. Tiger has new books and we are reading together even more. There is nothing I love more than sharing a story with my little girl. We’re doing Book Week. We’re doing it big time. We’re just doing it a bit more quietly than others.

But I am watching from the sidelines, too. I was thrilled for the lovely Margo Lanagan for winning the Older Readers category. That lady deserves each and every award she receives. And Vikki Wakefield and Neil Grant both produced incredible works, and I was so happy they were recognised.

In Picture Books, I was beyond excited to see the glorious Julie Hunt win an award, with her fellow Tasmanian, Ron Brooks. Go Tasmania! And go Allen and Unwin for consistently producing such high quality books for young people.

Next year, I’ll be back on the Book Week Wagon of Crazy, and I am looking forward to it, but for now I’m enjoying cheering from the grandstand, and cuddling my baby girl as she begins her journey into a lifetime of bliss at the written word.

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