Bucolic bliss …

My dad’s bucolic bliss – Image courtesy of Steve Lovell

I’ll never forget the day I stood with my dad and one of his teacher colleagues, looking out a school-room window towards the Yolla paddocks, and my sighed and mused, “Ahh, the bucolic bliss.”

We stood in reverent silence for a few moments before my dad’s colleague turned to him and asked, “What’s bucolic?”

It rather ruined the moment, but it did give us a laugh, and it’s still that phrase: “bucolic bliss” that springs to my mind whenever we visit the Blue Room at Riverside Drive.

My dad’s new, treasured abode might not be the wilds of Yolla, but it is serene, it is lovely, it is …

Also crawling (or, should I say, speeding), with turbo chooks.

For those of you not “from these parts”, or unfamiliar with my love for this crazy, manic little creature, a “turbo chook” is a Tasmanian native hen – a flightless but bloody fast little bird native to my island home.

I’ve always had such an affection for the turbo chook but, since Tiger has been mobile, they’ve become even more endearing. Because a Mobile Tiger bears more than a passing resemblance to her feathered kin. Crazy, fast and … just more crazy.

We spent the weekend at Riverside Drive. We soaked up the precious family time with Poppy Steve and Nana Leigh-leigh. We caught up with Tiger’s Grandma as well. Tiger was spoiled by all with love and books and caused great amusement with her Independent Woman behaviour and Houdini tendencies.

And we saw Turbo Chooks.

And, because I miss them so (but my family even more), here is a Turbo Chook chick. Isn’t he lovely?

tasmanian native-hen 02

And if you want to read my dad’s posts, from his bucolic bliss, visit http://blueroomriversidedrive.blogspot.com.au