Graeme Simsion and The Rosie Project and Fullers

Graeme Simsion

Tonight, I went out. Like, after it got dark.

No, not Out Out, and also I KNOW! Post Tiger, THAT NEVER HAPPENS. It has to be something really special to drag me away from my poppet for any amount of time. Last week, it was Troy Cassar Daly and Adam Harvey. This week, it was Graeme Simsion. A little less country. A little more Rock and Roll Writer. i.e. Taking The World By Storm.

For those of you living under the people living under rocks, The Rosie Project is Everywhere. A gloriously, gorgeously funny story of a heroic associate professor with undiagnosed Aspergers as he searches for love using a questionnaire and the forces of logic, The Rosie Project won the Victorian Premier’s prize for an unpublished manuscript and was published by Text and then …

*Everyone* Loved It.

Graeme has been on a whirlwhind publicity tour that’s taken him this week from Nunawading to our tiny, chilly isle and will, I believe, soon see him jetting off to LA.

It would be easy to dislike Graeme Simsion, if you were that way inclined, or if he wasn’t so goshdarn nice.

You can tell Graeme has been taken a bit by surprise by his (seemingly), instant success, and it’s very endearing. He’s also just as funny as his protagonist, very smart and very entertaining.

I missed my Tiger for the half hour I stole away to hear Graeme speak, but I don’t regret it. I loved The Rosie Project enormously. I like it’s author so much more having heard him speak in person*. I can’t wait to see where his magnificent career takes him.

And thank you, as always, to Fullers Bookshop for bringing wonderful authors like Graeme to Tasmania.

* Also, I just found out he was born in New Zealand and is a data modeller! NOW LIKE HIM EVEN MORE!