Fail. So much fail.


Today, in Launceston, it is Very Cold (Really? Really? Cold in Tasmania in Winter???? REALLY????? Yep).

I also have a cold. My second of this winter. Tiger’s Daddy has a cold too. I suspect Tiger will have a cold before the week is out.

Today, the most adventurous thing I did was go to the library. Actually, that was pretty fun. We read a Tohby Riddell book and Tiger poked a couple of other small people (poking is a new thing), and I got to sit on a xcolourful mat for a while. I like sitting on colourful mats.

But apart from that, today was a bit shmeh. I have been a Fail Mummy, a Fail Writer, and just, generally, all of the fail.

Therefore, this:


It is a large bovine thingie attempting to lick a small avian thingie.

Because it made me smile and I hope it makes you smile, too, and because it is all I have to give to you today.

Off to hug baby. Longer Letter Later.