This Is Not A Review of Kill The Music


There is a new book out in your friendly local bookshop right now. It boasts a very snazzy cover, featuring some pink Chuck Taylors, not unlike my own favourite comfy sneakers (though mine have glitter on them, so mine win).

But that’s not why I love this book.

It’s also not because I think the lady who wrote it is the cat’s pyjamas. I was a fan of Nansi Kunze well before I met her. Her first novel, Mishaps, is one of my favourite YA novels of all time.

I don’t love this book because it’s published by some lovely people, who also happen to have published some of my books.

I don’t love it because I had the privilege to read it as a “baby manuscript”, before it became a Big Grown-Up book.

I just love it. Because. Because it’s a gosh darn good read and I am thoroughly proud that I know the super-author who wrote it.

I’m not framing this as a review, because I know I am biased (and also because I don’t post reviews on this site), but I will say, honestly, that if you have a teenager (I think boys will love this book as well as girls), you should get thee to a booky place and procure yourself a copy. It’s a really rare book – a contemporary YA mystery-thriller with loads of action and a kick-arse heroine that could give Katniss a run for her money. It’s fun and funny and fast-paced and Just That Good.

I think you should read it. Thatisall.

Oh, if you want some more info, this blurb is from

“If everyone loves the world’s hottest band, who’s trying to destroy them? Most people would love to be Lorna Powell, travelling the globe with her brother and his mega-famous band. Then again, most people don’t realise just how annoying four handsome rock stars can be. A new home and a new school seem like the start of a normal life – until Lorna overhears a chilling plot to silence the band forever. Soon Lorna is drawn into a frantic attempt to identify the killer before they strike. But it’s not easy to track suspects around the world when she’s got homework to do and secrets to protect. And when gorgeous lead singer Marius starts to act strangely, Lorna wonders if she’s had the wrong idea all along . . .”

And this is a great review:

And, if you are lucky enough to be in Warragul on Wednesday the 17th of July, you can attend Nansi’s rock star book launch. More info here:

And here is the super-awesome book trailer for Kill The Music:

I think my work here is done.

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