Thankful Thursday


Here are some things I am thankful for today:

Offspring. I love this show. I love it like a person who loves something very much.

Gluten free Gummi Bears.

Birthday cards. I’m glad, in this age of Tweetlebookingmailingness, some people still send them. They are nice.

Excellent YA – I’ve just finished Jay Asher’s Thirteen Reasons Why and started Maureen McCarthy’s Somebody’s Crying. So great, both of them.

Asian Adzuki Bean burgers. Sound gross. Are not, in fact, gross. Are, in fact, the cat’s pyjamas.

Simone at Birchall’s bookshop, who makes me feel all warm inside whenever I take Tiger in and she tells me it makes her day. And doesn’t make me feel weird for buying six Freddo Frogs (I just hope she knows they’re for me, not Tiger).

Amy, who sends me pictures of her beautiful little girls being beautiful.

Gluten free crumpets (a special treat – at $8 for four, they’re definitely a birthday-only indulgence)!

Daddy Bear knowing stuff about all the taxy things we’re getting. I do not know this stuff so it’s a good thing one of us does.

Bed socks. Fluffy ones. With stripes.

Tiger headbanging to the music in her head.

My darling writer friend, Nansi, for sending me a signed copy of her wonderful new book, Kill The Music.

Paddy Casey.

Josh Ritter.

Freddo Frogs.

Wheat packs.

The Daily Squirrel, via Isobelle Carmody and Laurel Gordon.

My husband’s soft shoulder.

That we live in a country where political coups don’t involve guns.

That sleep is not far away. And I plan to have very good dreams.

Life. In all its weird, incomprehensible, unknowable, mutable, uncertain, bliss-making, chaos and wonder.

Yay for life. It’s the duck’s guts.

2 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday

  1. So glad you have all those wonderful things to be thankful for! I’m thankful for your friendship, and all the help you gave me with KtM. You’re awesome, Ms G! x


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