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So. In the words of the wonderful Aussie hip hop artist, Illy, “Where ya been?
I haven’t see your face in a minute been lookin’, no where to be seen,
Man, where ya been?” (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RNcjddSmw8g)

It may seem as though I’ve dropped off the face of the planet lately. And, I suppose, I have, in a way. I dropped out of the read world the moment Tiger was born, and embarked on a strange and wondrous journey, much more fabulous and strange than any trip down a rabbit hole or adventure through a magic wardrobe.

I left “Planet Author” and landed on “Planet Mum” and, gosh-darnit, I liked it there.

I never stopped writing, though, and, slowly but surely, the writing has started to become an important part of my adventure again. For a while there, it became just a hobby again, as it was before I was published. It was the thing I did to prove I still had a brain that was not entirely consumed by a very small and beautiful angel person.

Now, finally, I’m starting to see it as my profession again. My vocation. My career.

I’m still down the Tiger rabbit hole, but I’m now “working” again, too. And not just for deadlines (of which I have none right now, for the first time since Tiger’s birth). I’m creating new projects. I’ve written two full-length YA manuscripts. I have a ms coming out next year with Allen and Unwin, and I’m hopeful that at least one of the other two YA mss will find a happy home with a glorious editor.

I’m also editing my chick lit manuscript, inspired by a workshop with the sublime Miss Anita Heiss. I think it’s good, actually. And I never say that. So maybe I can do this chick lit thing too?

We’ll see. At the moment, I’m enjoying finding a balance between Tiger and writing. She’s still my priority one and, when she’s awake, I am hers 100%, but while she is sleeping, I am just a little bit authory too.

Mummy can be a writer, too. Maybe, one day, Tigesy will admire that.

I’ll keep you posted on how it all pans out!

Best love,

Katie G x

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  1. Welcome back online Kate. Great to hear you’re doing so well, and congratulations on publishing a book with Allen and Unwin – that’s terrific. All the best with your writing. Ruairi


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