Writers of the Future 2!


Late in 2012, I conducted a writing workshop with Grade Seven students at my old high school, Burnie High. The talent displayed in this very young group of students was phenomenal – so good I wanted to share some of it! Over the next few days I’ll be blogging the very best pieces from this workshop. The task was to create a first chapter of a novel, in the form of a letter. Hopefully, one day, the students will be able to turn these first chapters into longer works. I hope they do, and that they let me read them. I’m so thrilled with what they’ve done so far. It’s hard to believe these writers are only just in their teens – and some not even there yet!

I hope you are as impressed as I was! The second story is called It’s me Annabelle Lucia Geoffreys. Enjoy!


Chapter 1: getting to know me and my world

Dear Annabelle Lucia Geoffreys,

You probably already know what this letter says because you wrote it, but whenever you feel down about yourself, read this letter written by someone who we both would agree is perfect in every way because it’s us, well me but it’s you too………So future me, you are writing this letter to remind yourself that you are an amazing person and you don’t have change for anything, unless the thing your changing is your underpants in that case you should change them every day. Sorry we got off track, just remember you’re the girl who makes all the decisions and we both know we suck at drama so there is no use trying to act like someone you’re not. Keep your head up high and wear your big grin with pride.

P.S Don’t stop making stories and using your double the amount of imagination.

From Annabelle Lucia Geoffreys


 Well this is me Annabelle, a girl that writes letters to herself in the future but hey if I don’t write them down, how am I supposed to remember them. Now you probably think I’m some crazy alien but I’m not (although that would be fun) no I’m just a 13 year old girl with an imagination for two. Why two you ask? Well when I was still in mother’s tummy I had a twin brother/sister but they didn’t last the whole nine month, so I think before they died they gave me their imagination. Now you probably think I’m a crazy person for sure but I’m not I promise, just to prove I’m not, how about I write you a story about me and my life.

I will start my story about me with what I look like because I think a visual is always good. I am tallish, well I don’t know what you would classify as tall, I’m not a giant or anything but I’m not short either. I have light brown hair (but everyone always says it’s blonde), pale skin that comes with the extra added bonus of freckles and I also have two arms, two legs and a head. So do you have a visual? Oh well if you don’t you will have to use your imagination because I’m moving on from what I look like.

I have only one sibling, a big brother whose name is Bryce Jordan Geoffreys and he’s 19. My brother is going out with a girl named Mary, she is the prettiest fairest girl I have ever met, if she was to be in a medieval story then she would be the damsel in distress, although she wouldn’t be in distress she would fighting back (she takes self-defence classes). I don’t know why she is going out with my brother, he’s not exactly boyfriend material, let me explain. Bryce wakes up every morning and grunts like a pig because he can’t find the milk for his cereal, I take that back its more of a caveman than a pig and he only ever showers when he has to see Mary. I think somewhere under all of his rugged bush of hair there might be a small brain but only a really small one because sometimes he can’t find his pen when it’s in his hand.

I’m not usually a very mean person (only to Bryce) but when my mum tells me to re-do my hair or something like that for the millionth time the claws come out. I don’t exactly fight with physical ability, I use words, very harsh words like grrrr or a favourite bunch of words that I use a lot of the time when I’m talking to mum are “Oh my gosh, you are ruining my life!” But she knows I don’t mean it, I just say that stuff because the girls at school would disown me if I was friends with my mum.

That brings me to school, I’m not exactly the most popular girl at school but I’m not a loner either. I have my own little group of friends and the popular kids have their slightly bigger group of friends. My best friend is Sarah Hadder, Sarah is short and her front teeth remind me of a bunny rabbits teeth but she has braces now to fix that. Her hair is shoulder length black and wavy like a midnight ocean. Sarah’s favourite colour is blue, sky blue to be precise and her birthday is on the 14th of June. They are just the little things everyone has to know about their bestie. Sarah and I hang out with Ruby, Margaret and Alisha. Ruby is a very quiet girl and she will only talk to you once you have spent so many days slowly getting to know her and doing all the talking but it all pays off when you get to know her because she has some very interesting opinions on the world and everything in it. Margaret would be very pretty if it wasn’t for her fringe that looks like it cuts her forehead in half, her face is perfectly moulded, kind of like when you go to make shaped jelly and you feel so proud that it hasn’t all just wobbled into one pile in your bowl, except her face isn’t jelly it’s skin and bones, anyway………… Alisha is the most charismatic of our group she can sometimes be substituted into the popular group if one of them is away.

The popular group of kids at school consists of both genders as opposed to my group who are all a bit boy shy. Jessica is like the queen bee, I would give anything to be like Jessica, she is perfect except she is not very smart but the boys aren’t interested in a smart girl they’re interested in a barbie doll like Jessica, but oh well I am smart and I’m going to grow up to be rich and have a lot of money and a nice house and if I ever get lonely (from never meeting a boy), then I will buy a dog and call it Spike. I don’t mind not being Jessica, but it would be nice to be Jessica just for a week or a day or even just five minutes. Hopefully in those five minutes I could fit in a kiss with Nigel Summers, the hottest coolest makes your mouth drool boy in school and he is going out with Jessica.

Nigel Summers is very sporty, he plays a long list of sports like football, soccer, tennis, cricket and basketball. He has a really great tan and blue eyes that glisten like snowflakes slowly melting on the soft green grass, his voice flows like water falling from a waterfall and his brown hair is slightly spiked with wax that smells of berries. Whenever Alisha gets substituted into the popular group I get her to monitor everything Nigel does and when she comes back into our group she tells me everything, all the details. One day Nigel and I will be together when he finally gets too old to be playing with Barbie dolls like Jessica.

by Hannah