Writers of the Future


Late in 2012, I conducted a writing workshop with Grade Seven students at my old high school, Burnie High. The talent displayed in this very young group of students was phenomenal – so good I wanted to share some of it! Over the next few days I’ll be blogging the very best pieces from this workshop. The task was to create a first chapter of a novel, in the form of a letter. Hopefully, one day, the students will be able to turn these first chapters into longer works. I hope they do, and that they let me read them. I’m so thrilled with what they’ve done so far. It’s hard to believe these writers are only just in their teens – and some not even there yet!

I hope you are as impressed as I was! The first story is by Hayley. It’s called Dear Nan. Enjoy!


Dear Nan,

It’s been a while since I last wrote to you but this letter isn’t about how I’m doing in school or what sporting teams I’m on. I need to ask you something very important. You probably know about me getting bullied in school lately and I thought you should know it’s because of my eyes and being dyslexic. Oh and I’m kind of failing school. I don’t know why but I can only read Russian, nothing else.

To change the subject, I got a python named Stuart from our family trip to Brazil. I love him to death and he can hold my paints, paint brushes and my spray cans for when I go out graffiting. I’m only telling you that because you love my artwork whereas mum would flip out.

Last week mum and I went to Aunty Rachel’s house in Tullah. I love it there because it seems so mystical and mysterious to me. That night I was walking down the hall when I noticed a painting of a woman who looked like you but I couldn’t read the name because it wasn’t in Russian. The kids ran past me and one of them hit the painting and it nearly fell off the wall. I told them to slow down as I fixed the painting. There was this old, rusty switch behind it and being the curious girl I am I decided to flick it. Before I knew it the floor swept from underneath me and suddenly I was in an old library. It looked abandoned.

For some odd reason I was drawn to this big book with Mezmerider on the front in capitals. I read about Mezmeriders in books and they sounded mythical to me. I read the book in hope that it was fake but what I found was not something I was expecting.

What I found was a picture of you, me and mum. We all had the same coloured eyes, ice blue and violet. I thought this couldn’t be true at first but then it all started to make sense. Mum always making me wait five minutes before I go into her room and how you and I had the same eyes. Mum wore contacts to hide her true eye colour. As soon as I read this I got extremely mad with mum, I broke a candle and then calmed down. It was starting to get dark when I left for tea.

After tea I went to bed, hiding the book in my jacket. I was surprised when nobody noticed the lump in my jacket. I read the book all night and I learned that we are Mezmerider royalty. I’m a princess of Mezmertopia and you’re the Queen.

The next morning at breakfast mum came in with her finger on her eye. The kids asked her why and she looked at me then said she had accidently poked herself in the eye. I could tell she was lying so I gave her a serious look and left. I pretended to go outside so mum wouldn’t get suspicious. After I made sure she saw me leave, I went to the side of the house and snuck in through the window and went down to the library.

I looked around the library to see if I could find any other books relating to Mezmeriders. I found nothing in the north wing of the library but when I went and looked on the east wing I found a whole shelf full of Mezmerider books. But they all said the same thing. That we are Mezmerider royalty and that my mum betrayed our family and ran off with my dad who was human. It also said that Mezmeriders were banned from seeing humans.

I was so shocked that I dropped the book and a ring came flying out. I picked the book up first to make sure I didn’t break it and then I picked the ring up and had a look at it. It had your initials on it so I was starting to think this was your secret library. I put the ring on my finger and it fit perfectly. About thirty seconds later the ring started to glow and I tried to pry it off my fingers but it just got tighter and tighter.

Then all of a sudden it stopped glowing. I tried again to try and get it off but it felt like I was trying to pull own finger off. Then I realised that it was permanently stuck on my finger forever. I looked in one of the hundreds of books on Mezmeriders and found the ring. It was made for royalty and it had the queen’s initials on it and it was then passed down through the family. It must of skipped mum because of her betrayal.

After that I just accepted that I’m stuck with this ring for a long time and I left to go to bed. I was so tired from all that walking in the library.

Why would you never tell me this? I thought you trusted me enough to tell me anything and everything. I’m coming to your house in Perth to come see you and sort all of this Mezmerider stuff out.

Yours sincerely,

Riley Bakes