A blog about not blogging!

Occasionally she is like this …

I have an apology to make.

I have been a really, really crappy blogger lately. I had such good intentions – one blog a week, I thought I could do that. But, the thing is …


My Tiger is sleeping less and waking more and I am sooooo enjoying the wakey times! Tummy time! Story time! Singalong time (which, at the moment, means several hundred repetitions Heads and shoulders, knees and toes). “Round and round the garden” time.


I am so loving my wide-eyed, excitable little human. I don’t wish she slept more, or entertained herself better. I adore every second I spend with her.

The only downside?

Errrmmm, not so much time for blogging.

But, really, would you want me to be blogging when I could be peekaboo-ing?

These weeks go by so quickly. I already feel – at four months – that she’s growing up too fast. I grieve for every moment as it passes because it’s one I’ll never have again with my precious tiny Tiger.

I will blog again but, at the moment, my Tiger-asleep time is sacred for my “proper” writing and editing work. I do still get much time for this, thankfully, but I need to ensure it continues to be so – my writing is still very much an essential part of who I am and the HB and I are adamant that this continues to be the case. So as soon as the Tiger eyes close, the laptop is opened.

When the tiger eyes open again, my time is absolutely, one hundred percent hers. Because my blog will always be here. But she will grow up and one day not want to peekaboo with Mum any more.

I will blog again – maybe tomorrow, maybe next week but, for now, my little wriggling world is stirring and my heart and mind belong solely to her once more.

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